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Fight Cramps With Coconut Water

Basketball fans might remember this incident in the NBA finals, when superstar LeBron James had to be taken out of the game due to cramping. For pro and amateur atheletes alike, cramping is a serious problem that is most often the result of dehydration. When you exercise your body loses water to the production of energy, breathing and sweating, and along with that water you also lose key electrolytes - many of which are crucial to muscle function.

As you may know the replacement of electrolytes is the reason why athletes are encouraged to consume a sports drink like Gatorade as opposed to just plain water when working out. We prefer the more natural substance of coconut water. Coconut water is rich in important electrolytes like Potassium and Sodium, and unlike a branded sports drink that's made in a factory it doesn't come with any artificial colors or flavors.

We also like the fast acting nature of coconut water. As we have experienced ourselves and also with clients during training sessions, coconut water can relieve cramping in a matter of minutes and let you resume your workout.

Its also important to remember tha dehydration doesn't just happen via exercise. It may strike at any time as a result of the climate you are in, your diet, alcohol consumption or even because you are an open-mouth sleeper. That's why if you enjoy the taste of coconut water its a good idea to incorporate it into your regular diet in small amounts. It has a lot less sugar than other popular juices, and even if the taste is not your favorite remember that it could be worse, you could be drinking pickle juice.

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