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Orthopedic  & Sports Injury

Physical therapy is essential following orthopedic or sport injury to restore joint ROM, muscle strength, and flexibility.  PT helps to speed up the recovery process and allows the patient to return to activities of daily living, recreational activities, and sports. We provide optimal care to all patients, regardless of whether you are a novice or playing at a professional level.

Pediatric Therapy

We provide physical therapy treatment for children ages 0-18 for various diagnoses.  Infants and toddlers requiring PT, usually for torticollis, developmental delay, or muscle tone abnormality, are provided with 1 on 1 treatment in our private pediatric room. Early physical therapy for these types of diagnoses is essential to prevent delay of developmental milestones. Children with torticollis or low muscle tone who do not receive PT may significantly lag behind when compared to their peers. We also have extensive experience in treating children with orthopedic injury & post surgery.  Adolescent patients are monitored closely in the gym and are instructed in exercises to return to sports/activities and to prevent future injury. We aim to have our student athletes return to their sport with more strength and endurance than they had prior to injury!

Post Surgical

We have extensive experience in post-surgical rehabilitation.  We will work closely with your surgeon providing updates on your progress. We educate our patients in home exercise, and stress the importance of compliance with exercise. Treatment sessions will focus on improving your postural awareness, strength, joint mobility and overall function.  We have experience in treating a wide variety of surgical procedures including, but not limited to, total joint replacement, ACL repair, rotator cuff repair, knee menisectomy, Achilles tendon repair, spinal fusion, spinal laminectomy, etc..

Accident Recovery

We provide PT for patients who have been involved in motor vehicle and work related accidents. We will discuss your goals and develop a treatment plan to make sure you achieve the goals and return to prior level of function.

Amputation Therapy

We specialize in providing treatment to patients with lower extremity amputation. Our focus begins with strengthening the non-amputated leg to prepare for safe mobility within the home and environment. This is essential as the patient will rely on the non-amputated leg, and will need muscle strength and endurance once the patient receives a prosthetic limb.  Physical therapy focuses on achieving a normal gait pattern, balance, transfer training, and higher level activities.  We have helped amputee patients return to regular exercise and independence with activities of daily living. For those wishing to reach a higher level of fitness, we offer 1 on 1 personal training with a licensed physical therapist.

Vestibular Therapy

Do you suffer from dizziness? The most common form of dizziness occurs from positional vertigo (BPPV). As we age, your chance of experiencing positional vertigo increases significantly.  Here at Precision PT, we have over a decade of experience in treating patients with vestibular/balance disorders.  Upon evaluation, the source of your dizziness will be determined and a home exercise plan will be provided. Home exercise is essential to abolishing dizziness. BPPV often goes undiagnosed by physicians.  A physical therapist can determine, through a series of tests, whether or not you would benefit from receiving physical therapy intervention. BPPV can often be cured in less than 5 treatments. There are other diagnoses that may benefit from PT as well, such as labyrinthitis, etc. We are one of the only PT offices on Long Island who offer this type of physical therapy. Please call us today to begin your journey of living without dizziness!


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