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I’d like to state that there is no better place to go for rehabilitation of an injury than Precision Physical Therapy with Hussain and Kristen in Syosset. They helped me to avoid surgery on a torn elbow from tennis and I am amazed at how quickly I am recovering from Bilateral Knee Surgery under their care. They know exactly how far to push their patients and at what pace to proceed. They have state of the art equipment and they know how to use it properly. I would recommend Precision wholeheartedly for anyone who wants to recover from their injury to the best of their ability and feel whole again.




Six years ago I had a very bad injury that turned into a very good experience. I tore my right pectoral muscle while bench pressing. My biggest fear was that I would no longer be able to workout again or may never train with the same intensity. After meeting with an orthopedic surgeon he recommended that I see Hussain at Precision. That's when it became a good experience. After Hussain, Kristen and their staff worked with me and restored me back to health I started working out with Hussain. All the years prior to meeting him my training method was non functional and obsolete, which is what caused me to tear my muscle in the first place. Learning the new "Hussain" way of exercising, my workouts became more safe, effective and productive. I have since adopted this way of training and it has changed my life for the better. Now whenever my friends or family members are in need of therapy I always send them straight to Precision because I feel confident they will be in good hands.
-Joe P. from Levitown

Hussain is my personal trainer for a year and a half. Results are great. Increased energy level, changed body composition, gone minor joint discomfort. Recommended his physical therapy services to some of my customers after shoulder and knee surgeries. They are very impressed. Knowledgeable staff, spotless facility.

-Alex from Bagel Master in Syosset


I first started at Precision 5 years ago working on a partial tear of my labrum.  Hussain and Kristin keep such a great atmosphere that after a while I started looking forward to my PT sessions.  Two months later I left with a pain-free shoulder and a great deal of knowledge on how to exercise properly. Hussain was even able to diagnose me with a knee issue my doctor couldn't figure out. More recently I injured myself while training for a triathlon, and this time I went straight to Precision.
​-Omid  from Syosset


After an acute attack of vertigo, my doctor suggested I go for vestibular therapy.  He only knew of two places on Long Island where this type of therapy was available.  I couldn't walk a straight line when I first met Kristen.  From the moment I met her, I knew I was in the right place.  She is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about he
r patients.

Hussain has changed my life.  He has been training me for four years.  I was never much of an athlete but now I feel strong and healthy.  He is committed to his patients and now I am committed to exercising.  He’s also a lot of fun. One of the biggest advantages of training with Hussain is that he is an outstanding physical therapist.  If my knee or my shoulder is bothering me, he incorporates the proper exercises into my workout.  You always get a workout tailored to your needs.

-Karen from Syosset



Precision Physical Therapy – The name says it all. I started with PPT in December 2011 when I had a partial posterior tear in my labrum.  Some doctors recommended surgery while others recommended physical therapy.  So I gave therapy a try and am I thankful that I found PPT.

Both Kristen and Hussain encompass what every patient desires in a therapist, knowledge, patience, and care. I found that every ounce of effort I put into my sessions was matched by both Kristen and Hussain and the rest of the PPT staff. Even on days I felt lazy the PPT staff was there to push me on to do better. After 3 months of dedicated physical therapy on my shoulder I graduated to personal work out sessions with Hussain.  Hussain has been training my for four months now and I feel stronger, healthier and happier. Thanks PPT!

-Brian from Syosset

Hussain, Kristin and the entire staff of Precision PT are exceptionally competent and caring physical therapists who achieve great results for their patients. They are attentive and comprehensive in their efforts to return you to an optimum level of functionality. And, they teach you how to stay that way.


If you would like to share your experience at Precision with us or others, we would love to hear from you.

Hussain thanks for fixing me after my neck surgery. I was told to "never lift another weight again and take up reading". That didn't become my reality as my surgeon suggested. I am stronger now than I ever was. After 3 months my neck brace came off and you put me to work and I have never looked back. I can now do anything I want physically from weight training to triathlons and mountain biking. Thanks for making me break through the barrier that my surgeon put in front of me. Cheers



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