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Do You Constantly Need an Adjustment?

If you constantly need some sort of body adjustment you are not alone. Our office is often filled with people needing a leg pull or a joint mobilization, while others constantly visit chiropractors. Unlike a chiropractor who simply makes the adjustment and sends you on your way, physical therapists like us work on addressing the root causes of your problem.

The first cause we investigate is your environment. We've written before on the importance of ergonomics, whether its the desk you use, your shoes or your handbag. Any of those issues might be putting your body in a compromised position that leads to being misaligned. Sometimes, its as simple an issue as how you are sitting in your car.

The second cause, which could still go hand in hand with ergonomics, is a body imbalance. If a certain body part is weak while an adjoining part is strong the constant pressure is going to cause you a recurring problem. Past injuries might make you more at risk for this situation. This is where a PT can really help you focus in on your exact problem, as therapists are trained to not only make informed diagnosis but also to analyse your body mechanics joint by joint and muscle by muscle until the exact imbalance is identified.

The key is to go to the root of the problem, fix your ergonomics and then do the needed exercises and stretches to balance everything out. You'll know you are on the right track if the more you do the exercises the less often you need to be adjusted.

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