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Elite Personal Training In Our Private Gym


Our Precision Fitness For Life (TM) training philosophy has evolved from over 2 decades of experience in physical therapy and personal training. We focus on muscle synergy, core strength, flexibility and balance. Our trainers are highly skilled and use their knowledge of ftiness along with the input of a licensed physical therapist to provide an elite level of training. The combination of the two fields allow our clients to achieve elite results without risk of injury. 

Customized Overall Fitness Program

Every individual has a unique body whose condition is determined by a blend of genetics and past history combined with their current level of physical activity. Prior injuries, your posture or even your profession mean two individuals with a similar physical makeup can have very different fitness needs. While most other fitness programs put everyone through the same routines, our Overall Fitness Program is targeted to the individual. 


Our trainers, under the supervision of a Physical Therapist, will formulate a specific plan that fits your needs. Our trainers will advance and intensify your exercise routine to match your progress, all the while ensuring your safety and keeping you injury free. 



Young Athlete Safe-Progression Program

This Program was born out of our physical therapy office constantly treating elite young athletes for injuries suffered in the course of standard training at their school or travel team. Because of our educational background we have a better understanding of the development of adolecent youth than your average personal trainer.


Our sport specific Safe-Progression Program takes into account the individual athlete's body and the demands of the sport they play. While we push our athletes hard to develop the strength, flexibility and agility needed for competition, we use our background in physical therapy to do so safely, ensuring elite performance and a long lasting career. 

Life After Surgery Program

A total joint replacement or spinal fusion does not have to change your active lifestyle. After you've undergone the proper regiment of physical therapy to bring you back to baseline, our trainers can take you to the next level. 


After a free assessment by one of our Physical Therapists, our trainers will develop and execute an individualized program that protects your surgical site and helps you return to the sport and/or recreational activities you enjoy. 


Personal training with one of our qualified trainers can return an individual to an even higher level of function than they had prior to surgery. To us, personal training is personal. 


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