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Why You Should Exercise Even If You Are Not Overweight

Most people associate the benefits of exercise with fending off obesity, and as a result some people whose weight is at a healthy level don't try as hard to be active. But there are countless benefits to working out, many of which have nothing to do with burning fat.

You might have already heard that exercise helps improve your skin and offsets the effects of aging, or seen the latest research that it also helps improve your cognitive abilities and memory.

But here is something even more inspiring: Exercise significantly reduces a woman's chance of getting breast cancer.

The relationship has been verified by multiple studies, and seems to have a somewhat linear correlation, as in the more often you exercise, the more your chances of getting breast cancer drop. The most cutting edge research has even identified that the hormone Irisin, which muscles releases after exercise, can eliminate aggressive breast cancer cells in a petri dish and improve the impact of chemotherapy.

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