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We provide a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan at our state of the art facility. We will instruct you in a home exercise plan to teach you to perform exercises in a safe, efficient manner. We believe the 3 keys to fitness are flexibility, endurance, and strength.

           JOINT HEALTH


Our physical therapists utilize state of the art equipment and manual techniques to help you recover from injury or surgery. They will educate you to perform home exercise with proper form and technique to avoid injury in the future. Home exercise is essential to maintain muscle strength and flexibility.


While strength is important to allow you to feel healthy and live pain-free, muscle and joint flexibility are important as well. Our physical therapists are highly trained in manual techniques such as joint mobilizations, soft tissue stretching, massage, myofascial release, and lymphatic drainage. We will instruct you in stretches you may do at home to maintain flexibility.

           CORE STRENGTH


The core muscles are the "powerhouse" of the body, from which all strength is initiated.  We design all of our extremity exercises to involve core stabilization.



The last component of fitness is muscle endurance. Muscle endurance is needed in order to prevent early fatigue.


For those who wish to improve their level of fitness we offer customized one on one personal training. Personal Training will help to improve your health and energy level, as well as improve sport performance. We believe in "fitness for life!"


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