December 7, 2015


There are exercises that a woman can perform, with a physicians consent, both during and after pregnancy that help protect you while still pregnant and speed up your recovery after giving birth. 


One of the most direct ways pregnancy impact's a woman's body is a weake...

August 18, 2015

Sometimes, we hear a story from a patient that goes something like this: "I was doing an exercise at the gym and I felt a sharp pain, but I kept going"


Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong. Other than the usual muscle burn you feel while working ou...

July 24, 2015

There are many benefits to exercising in the pool, some of which you might not be aware of. On the one hand buoyancy eliminates up to 90% of your body weight, making all water exercises low impact and safer on your joints, especially if you are coming off of an injury....

February 13, 2015



Last week we discussed the importance of changing your routine to shock your body to get better cardio results. This week we want to extend the concept to strenght training.


Many of us have at some point fallen into a routine where we go to the gym on a regular basis...

February 6, 2015

One of the fundamental principles of exercise is that in order for your body to get the best response to a workout, it needs to be shocked. Doing the same routine over and over again, even if at a higher intensity, eventually leads to a plateauing of results as your bo...

January 30, 2015

We often talk about how positive body practices such as eating well, exercise and posture make you happier. The science on such topics is extensive, as we have covered in previous blog posts. Today we wanted to point out that the opposite is also true: Feeling happier...

January 23, 2015

Most people associate the benefits of exercise with fending off obesity, and as a result some people whose weight is at a healthy level don't try as hard to be active. But there are countless benefits to working out, many of which have nothing to do with burning fat. 



January 2, 2015

It's a story so common that it has become a cliche. A person decides that for the New Year they will take better care of their health, so they sign up for a gym, go on a diet or buy a treadmill. In the beginning they are motivated, but then they tail off, and a few mon...

November 21, 2014

Breathing is an important part of exercising. Although how you should breathe is somewhat dependent on the type of activity, when it comes to anaerobic strength training the rule of thumb we always follow is to exhale on the exertion. Put more simply, breathe out while...

October 16, 2014

With the never-ending demands of modern life, many find it hard to allocate time to physical activity during the work day. But because they love a particular sport or are trying to stay in shape they try to make up for this deficiency on the weekends, going hard for ho...

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